Miracle Prayer Request

     I would like to have your support for the following prayer :


 My hyper wonderful mom (Henriette Billard) who was 97 was hospitalized against her will for distort food roads.
(I took care of mom daily with much pleasure during 7.5 years)

1)The pneumology department did not accept her. Mom stayed in the hospital 25 days and the pneumology department keeps his patients on average 6 days.

2)The rhumatology department refused to keep her more than 2.5 days because she was too old but transferred mom to the geriatric department while I was shopping.

3) The geriatric department agreeds to bring a physiotherapist when doctors were sure that it was too late (in the city were mom was hospitalized there are more than 100 independant physiotherapists). Except twice the doctors of the geriatric department refused me to help mom walking (I visited mom every day). The doctors of this service could not ignore a person over 90 years is not walking every day becomes impotent.

  1. Then a pneumonia of inhalation was discovered. Failing to treat it and considering that mom did not make enough effort (mom withdrew her pic line) doctors refused to feed mom by oral route the hospital or to nourish her by any mean whatsoever and the hospital refused to let mom go back home until it was sure she would die.

(In another hospital in 2005 on the same ground that mom was not making enough effort had been used to deny her physiotherapy courses (though I asked physiotherapy courses several times). Mom moved in a wheelchair. Back home I obtained courses in physiotherapy and with the help of her physiotherapist mom could walk around the block – 330 meters – without stopping – sometimes mom home was walking 380 meters with a replacement physiotherapist)
(before mom returned home I was said that if I fed mom without the
authorization of her doctor and the doctor in charge of the hospital at
. home mom might die in my arms ; I was frightened. After mom’s death I learned that the …..hospital at home was accepted under the condition that mom would not …..be fed by any mean whatsoever)

5) Mom was authorized to come back home within a hospital at home (half a bulb of scopolamine not prescribed by the hospital discharge prescription was injected to her (I was said it was for drying her bronchi by a nurse and for her breathing comfort by another nurse) on behalf of a doctor who did not examine mom
(the day before her doctor told me mom might live 6 weeks and he had 6
weeks to find a solution to feed her but the great specialist of mom’s
problem was the doctor in charge of the hospital at home).
She died the next day that is 3 days after returning home.

6) Nearly four days after her transport to the morgue, mom’s carotid moved very slowly but I noticed continual movements of inspiration/expiration. A new sting was very probably made to mom so that mom could be buried within the statutory period of 6 days.(the evening of the 4th mom’s carotide did not move any more….)

==>What happened to mom may happen to anyone !
(all of us must either die when they are young or become old…)


                                             SPIRITUAL ASPECT (*)

Considering that every person has the right to be treated normally whatsoever their age and that there was an injustice of which mom was the victim which should repaired (Luke 18), I ask God in the name of Jesus Christ (John 14:13) to raise up mom from the deads for some extra high quality years of life because for God nothing is impossible (John 6:19, Matthew 17:20, Matthew 19:26, Mark 10:27, Luke 1:37 (if mom would have died normally I would not ask prayers so that she may be raised up from the deads now).

Many thanks for those who accept to support me for this.prayer.

May God bless them, their families and their churches.

Philippe Billard

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PS2 :     If you have an url with a list of prayer requests and you want me to post it on my website you are welcome. Just send me an email to pbillard14en@gmail.com

PS3 : I would like mom’s present death (before resurrection) contributing to save other lives all around the world. In western countries 10% die because of their doctors’prescription. All accidents cannot be avoided. But their numbers may be reduced. Iif you have responsabilities in a chuch might you accept to ask your doctor parishioners to witness about their faith in Jesus Christ by paying more attention to their patients

(*) as mentioned on my domain 1resurrection.com (see belief) all my convictions are in compliance with those of other people but I am the only son of my hyper wonderful mom.
…..When asking support for this prayer I commend only myself but no organization. My prayer request commits only me.
…..I am aware that many people have lost their dear ones and I wish that mom’s current death may be used to save other lives, religious officers encouraging their parishioners doctors to witness to their faith in Jesus Christ by being more attentive to their patient (s).